At Spark we consider art to be an integral part of every child’s development. Skills learned in art class, such as problem solving, cooperation and self- expression spill over into everyday life. Our small class sizes allow children ample room for expression, thus helping them build confidence in both their art and themselves.

Now that we know a bit more about PPS plans for the fall we are working on our Spark Arts class schedule. Plans are underway to start modified class sessions in mid to late Sept. We will be teaching general art classes involving a range of mediums as well as classes focused in clay and drawing. In anticipation of shorter online school days, our tentative plan is to hold class sessions earlier than we have in the past, perhaps 2-3pm and 4-5pm. Much depends on what sort of online schedule the district sets up.

We have been running art camps this summer and picking up skills required for running a safe and fun program during the time of COVID. Our fall classes will be considerably smaller with a max of 5-7 students. This will allow for each student to have their own table while maintaining social distancing guidelines. There will be an exception to allow siblings/family members to share a table space. Masks will be required in our studio space as well as our retail space. There will also be a supply list for students so as to avoid sharing materials. Proper ventilation, cleaning and sanitizing will occur between classes.

We hope you and your child will consider participating in our classes.  We miss you!