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We know you miss Messy Art and so do we! We also know that half (most?) of the fun is making a mess in our studio and keeping it out of your home. We don’t know when we’ll be able to open the studio up again but
in the meantime here are some fun not-so-messy art crafts for you to
put together on your own!

Each kit comes with:

– 2 separate craft projects
–  All supplies to make 2 crafts per design project
– Step-by-step directions

Each week we will roll out a new set of crafts but you can
order any of the sets at anytime. Sign up for our emails and you’ll get new info delivered right to your inbox!

We care about you and the safety of your family! Each kit was prepared with the utmost care while observing best practices such as diligent hand washing, wearing gloves and masks.

Springtime Craft Kit: Birdhouse Collage & Rainbow Shaker
$6 per kit
Please call 503-281-6757 to order

Craft your own birdhouse and a fun rainbow shaker! The kit comes with enough supplies to make 2 of each design. All you need are a glue stick and either markers or crayons. Everything else is included!

Comfort Food Kit
$6 per kit

Pizza and ice cream…a classic combination! The kit comes with enough supplies to make 2 of each design. You only need a glue stick or liquid glue to put the project together. Everything else is included!

P.S. If you get real ice cream at the Baskin Robbins next to our shop, knock on our door and wave hello!

Chick & Caterpillar

Craft this cute chick and caterpillar from all the parts we give you! You’ll get enough supplies to make 2 of each design including paper backgrounds, fabric nests, foam chicks and beaks, feathers, googly eyes, circles and rectangles of recycled painted paper from our studio, pipe cleaner antennae and more googly eyes! No cutting required! Easy to follow instructions will have you on your way to these cute critters in no time!

1805 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd Portland, Oregon | P: 503-281-6757