We met over 8 years ago when our children were in kindergarten at Hollywood Elementary School, and we shared the role of room parent. Over the years we have been very involved with Portland Public Schools as volunteers bringing art to the classrooms, as well as working with PTA, Foundation, and auction committees.  We are ardent supporters of our neighborhood schools and community, and hope that Spark Arts Center can provide the art enrichment that our children deserve, and that the schools cannot always provide. We believe strongly that each child benefits from exposure to the arts and the process of creative self-expression. This passion has inspired us to open Spark Arts Center in the heart of Hollywood. We envision an arts center that spans the creative needs for all ages – from Pre School to seniors – thru classes and play and quality supplies.  Spark Arts Center is a business that will not only bring the creative, interactive arts to our community, but also bring people together – both strengthening and enriching our neighborhood.
Come join us!

“I love engaging kids in the creative process, and I’m energized by it. Children never cease to amaze me. It is fantastic to watch a child’s creative spark explode as they take a project and run with it. “ – Julie

Marla Munnich

Marla is a clay artist of 30 years who studied and worked at Radcliffe Pottery Studio in Boston, MA before moving to Portland.  Although clay is her main passion, she has explored many other art forms as a parent volunteer who teaches curriculum based art lessons in Portland Public schools, as well as during her stint as an art teacher for 3 years at Marysville K – 8. Marla lives in Hollywood and happily works in her clay studio when ever she can, but thrives on the energy and creativity that happens when guiding children through art projects.  Marla believes that every child should be exposed to art and given the opportunity to freely express themselves through their creative work.

Julie Jetton

Julie lives in the Hollywood neighborhood with her husband and three boys who attend Beverly Cleary K-8 and Grant High School. She has a BFA from Miami University and is a fine art photographer. For the past 14 years Julie has been teaching after school art classes at Joyful Noise Arts Center in Northeast Portland. She has taught everything from drawing and painting to collage and printmaking. She’s also spent time leading art projects in the classroom and as a substitute art teacher at Trillium Charter School. Julie believes art is an essential part of life and helps us experience the world in a more comprehensive way. Her hope is that Spark Arts Center will give more people the opportunity to ignite their imaginations.