At Spark we consider art to be an integral part of every child’s development. Skills learned in art class, such as problem solving, cooperation and self- expression spill over into everyday life. Our small class sizes allow children ample room for expression, thus helping them build confidence in both their art and themselves.

WINTER 2019  SESSION (February – March)


Registration required. Classes are subject to minimum enrollment.

MONDAYS — 7 weeks (Feb 4 – March 18)

4:45 – 6:00  Clay for Grades 5-8


It’s all about clay! After mastering basic clay skills students will design and execute an in-depth, long-term hand building project of their choice. Projects can include free standing sculpture, wall hangings, slab construction and more.

TUESDAYS — 7 weeks (Feb 5 – March 19)

4:45 – 6:00  Drawing for Grades 7 – 10


The best way to improve your drawing skills is with patience and practice. In this class we will build on known skills and develop new ones. Lessons consist of practice sessions to build techniques which are then incorporated into final drawings. Students are encouraged to develop their own style and progress at their own rate. This approach helps students build confidence and feel successful while using graphite pencils, charcoal and more.

WEDNESDAYS — 7 weeks (Feb 6 – March 20)

3:30 – 4:30  Drawing & Painting for Grades 4-6

Strong drawing skills are the foundation to good paintings. In this class we’ll improve existing skills and develop new ones. We’ll use acrylics and watercolors to learn why color theory is important and apply it to our paintings.

 THURSDAYS 7 weeks (Feb 7- March 21)

4:45 – 6:00  Drawing for Grades 4-6

This class is designed to meet children at a variety of drawing levels. Confidence is built by practicing skills they know and developing new ones such as line, contour, shading, color theory and more. We’ll create both observational and imaginative drawings in fun and creative ways using a variety of mediums including pencils, pens, pastels and paint.